Sentinel Sound - Dancehall Mix Vol 33 - Dancehall Selection - Laugh & Gwaan


SENTINEL SOUND pres. Dancehall Mix Vol. 33 - Hardcore Selection - Laugh and Gwaan

„Laugh and Gwaan“ - that’s not just the title of Mavado’s 2017 hitsingle which gave the 33rd volume of SENTINEL’s notorious Dancehall Mix series its name. Following those chaotic twelve months of last year, it’s also a pretty good motto to start 2018 with. But let’s be honest: Despite all the obstacles, the world had to face in 2017, it wasn’t all bad.Especially for lovers of Jamaican music and culture, it was quite an interesting year. Dancehall could be heard everywhere:
From US Hip Hop to Deutschrap (German Rap), from Pop to Afrobeats - the influence of our favourite music was all over. Sadly, the Jamaican original, once again, has not  gotten the global recognition it deserves, but one thing is for sure: The reason for this was no lack of big tunes!
The sheer endless string of hits being released from the studios of JA proved one more time, that the land of wood and water has to be one of the most creative places on earth. Featuring both, the hardcore original and its various hybrid offsprings, „Laugh and Gwaan“ represents the perfect vehicle to observe the current state of this global musical movement which is called Dancehall.
Or you just press play and have a damn good time listening to some great music.


1 Feb 2018