Sentinel Sound pres. Dancehall Foundation Vol. 3



Sentinel Sound pres. Dancehall Foundation Vol. 3

Many people refer to the 70ies as the „Golden Age“ of Jamaican popular music. And although extremely great music has been coming from Jamaica at any time, nobody can deny, that the era of Roots has been an overwhelmingly prolific period in the history of Reggae music. And this particular style is exactly what is featured on the latest mixtape by the German Luger Sound, SENTINEL. The selection includes music from household names like the Abyssinians, Jacob Miller and Fred Locks, as well as scorchers from rather underrated artists and groups like Lacksley Castell, Wayne Jarrett and Creole. So grab your chalice, light it up and hold a serious meditation cause this ain’t just music to dance to, this is brainfood!


1. Anthony Creary - Land Call Africa [Sight 'N' Sound] 2. Michael Anthony - Living in Sorrow [Third Generation] 3. Abyssinians - Satta Massagana [Clinch Rec] 4. Peter Tosh - Here Comes The Judge [Shock] 5. Jr Byles - A Place Called Africa [Upsetter] 6. African Brothers - Righteous Kingdom [Black Roots] 7. Justin Hinds - Oh What A Feeling [High Note] 8. Jacob Miller - Forward Ever Backward Never [Top Ranking] 9. Lopez Walker - Another Moses [Phase One] 10. The Cimarons - Hear Talk Of Inflation [Vulcan] 11. Mikey Dread - Heavy Weight Sound [DATC] 12. The Morwells - Kingston 12 Tuffy [Carib Gems] 13. Culture - Jah Rastafari [High Note] 14. Lacksley Castell - My Collie Tree [Sound Off Rec] 15. Jacob Miller - Chapter A Day [Top Ranking] 16. Jacob Miller - Lamb's Bread Collie [Arab] 17. Pablo Moses - Give I Fe I Name [Klik] 18. Gladstone Anderson - Holy Mount Zion [Jahmani] 19. Al Campbell - Rasta Time [Sounds United] 20. Jacob Miller - False Rasta [Yard Music] 21. Carlton Malcolm - Judgement [Tanya] 22. Bob Marley - Sun is Shining [Wail n Soul] 23. Kiddus I - Graduation In Zion [Sheperd] 24. Rod Taylor - His Imperial Majesty [DATC] 25. Wayne Jarett - Live On Jah [Wackies] 26. Mikey Dread - Roots And Culture [DATC] 27. Gregory Isaacs - Love Overdue [African Museum] 28. Fred Locks - True Rastaman [Jah Love Muzik] 29. Creole - Skylarking [Hitbound] 30. Fred Locks - Black Star Liner [Grounation] 31. Twinkle Brothers - Babylon A Fight [Twinkle Music] 32. Sylford Walker - Burn Babylon [Gibbs] 33. Barry Brown - Politician [Gorgan] 34. Gregory Isaacs - Rasta Business [Uk Morpheus] 35. Joe Higgs - Creation [Half Moon] 36. Mighty Stones - Penetrate [Welders] 37. Dennis Brown - Tenement Yard [Observer] 38. Dennis Brown - Africa [Observer] 39. Jr Byles - Lick The Pipe Peter [Justice League]

2 Oct 2016