Treesha Feat Denham Smith - We Need Love

Treesha feat. Denham Smith - We Need Love .jpg


Producer : DJ Densen Mix: Christian Rollwage & DJ Densen Mastering: HP Mastering Video: Urban Tree Media Label: Urban Tree Music


INTRO So meh sey Denham Alongside Treesha Its a love thing Giving u what u need It's what u need...what u need

CHORUS We need love in this world for every man Equal rights in this world for every land No limitation, discrimination, no segregation We need love in this world for every man

DENHAM SMITH VERSE Some of the them a brutal some of dem a wretch A gwaan like them real like them from Nazareth Them never show them true color, me know she them a wretch Move like a dog like a bone them a fetch Thirsty them thirsty your energy them wan quench yeah Thirsty them thirsty some of them nah have no mercy yeah Me brother man what make you pass me so Sister what kind of ignorance a gwaan deh so yeah A talk we a talk Thats why me say Treesha spark hafi spark


TREESHA VERSE Contrarious Spread the love let it be contagious Cause u know real love will never fail us The Almighty love is so gracious so gracious yeah Love is a powerful thing And if we come together we can build something alright x2 Seh this a one deh seh we hafi talk it Embrace the love and come out of the closet yeah Its just love that we need



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