Xana Romeo - Mercy Please Mixtape / Yaadcore



Yaadcore introduces Xana Romeo in fine style with this compilation of Xana's latests releases. "Mercy Please" being the brand new single is the title track for the project. Open your ears and familiar with sounds of Max Romeo's off-spring Xana Romeo.

1.The World Is Ready
2.Mercy Please 1:27
3.Mercy Please [Yaadcore Dub Mix] 5:12
4.Licenses & Registration 10:00
5.Glitter Ain't Gold 10:30
6.Rate Rasta 14:50
7.Rate Rasta [Dub Mix] 18:10
8.King Of Zion 19:30
9.1930 24:00
10.Righteous Path 24:40
* Bonus Track - Mercy Please Dubplate


6 Sep 2016